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Providing air conditioning & refrigeration services and solutions tailored to a wide spectrum of applications

JCC Mechanical is a leading force throughout a broad range of the HVAC/R industry

We offer a comprehensive range of expertise in preventative maintenance, installation, and repair. Our skilled professionals, led by Daniel Lewis, ensure the efficiency and longevity of HVAC and refrigeration systems through meticulous diagnostics, surveying, engineering and commissioning.

Daniel Lewis

Owner | CEO

Daniel Lewis is a seasoned HVAC/R professional with a wealth of experience throughout the residential, commercial & industrial sectors. Prior to entering the world of HVAC/R, Daniel specialized in the government/DoD sector primarily working with subscale aerial drones and weapons testing. Receiving the majority of his HVAC/R education and training in a Midwest state with extremely high standards, his abilities to technically perform diagnostics, surveying, engineering and commissioning services and providing knowledge to his employees is unparalleled. With a comprehensive background in the HVAC/R industry, Daniel has honed his skills to excel in providing top-notch climate control solutions for diverse environments. His expertise extends from navigating the intricacies of supermarket & commercial refrigeration, to seamlessly managing the complexities of clean rooms, oil refineries & commercial applications such as built-up systems, RTU’s, chillers, boiler and condenser loops, upward of 250T systems.

Daniel's commitment to staying abreast of industry trends for the last 15 years and his extensive hands-on experience make him a reliable and knowledgeable resource in the HVAC/R field. His proficiency in delivering tailored solutions underscores his dedication to ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency for every client.

We are an honest, performance (technically) & customer oriented company that will never deliver any price gouging, manipulative sales tactics or follow a money hungry business model.

Honest work, professional top-tier tradesmen and industry leaders is what you can expect from JCC Mechanical.

Our Core Values


Providing unparalleled craftsmanship while constantly implementing industry standards, building code and trade best practices.


All technicians are provided with continuous training and issued fully stocked service vehicles to ensure your equipment is repaired or installed as efficiently as possible.


We believe communication is key to a successful project. We will keep you updated every step of the way and provide you with the information you need to ensure you are in good hands.


Customers continuously trust JCC Mechanical to meet project deadlines, and to ensure jobs are completed to manufacturer specifications.


With decades of experience, JCC Mechanical has serviced nearly every sector of the HVAC/R industry to deliver the expertise required to bring customers the quality service they deserve.

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